Parting is such sweet sorrow

I’m parting with some of my favourite clothes, a lot of which are Alannah Hill. Reason? I never get to wear them, and it’s such a shame to let them sit there in my wardrobe. It took a lot of courage to let them go and I would love, love to see the clothes go to better homes. So please take a look here at the sale.

"Today Alannah heads her own booming and lucrative empire, the idiosyncratic and intensely feminine Alannah Hill label." Vogue Australia

Nothing else even comes close to those gorgeous hues, the delicate fabrics and the feminine embellishments.

Over the years, I have accumulated, or rather, painstakingly collected, a number of signature Alannah Hill pieces. Many highly impractical that have hung in my wardrobe forever and a day, but extremely gratifying to touch and admire.

A girl friend once remarked that you can’t have a single AH garment because it simply will not go together with anything else in your dress entourage. But I rarely had to find an excuse to splurge on an AH cardigan decorated in tiny gross grain bows, that little silk cami with a lavish waist tie, or the intricately beaded skirt layered with french lace.