Truffle oil + honey

A while back, we went to this great little wine bar / restaurant in Brisbane called Anise. The dinner was spectacular, accompanied by great French wine. But it was the cheeses that really blew me away. The beautiful brie came with truffle-infused honey. I asked the waiter where the honey came from, and was told that I could buy it in this gourmet food shop in Brisbane.

We didn’t get to visit the shop. I also completely forgot that I have some truffle oil at home, and of course, honey.

So I came up with this ‘ingenious’ idea of mixing a few drops of truffle oil with honey, and serving it with Tasmanian double brie. Clever huh 😉

It worked really well – honey and truffle oil were made for each other. Yeah I know it’s cheap synthetic truffle oil and probably contains billions of chemicals but it tasted great!

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