What advice would you give to a younger self?

Saw this thread in the Vogue forums. This post made me laugh…and think:

“- don’t get a credit card. You’ll have a shopping problem.
– accept help from others. You’re not alone
– as lonely as you may be being the only single person out of all of your friends between 18-23, you’ll meet the most amazing man when you turn 24.
– the other half’s problems are with you. Just stay positive and supportive, and all will be well.
– don’t overload at uni when you have glandular fever. That will screw you over for the next six years.
– money isn’t the most important thing in the world
– learn to forgive people. Nurturing grudges will make you very, very ill.
– remember that no matter how bad things get, your family are always there. You don’t have to tell them everything, but they’ll be there.
– parking fines and speeding fines are a waste of money
– don’t buy things on impulse
– seek professional help when you need it. Don’t think your psych degree will protect you. Especially after you swallow two bottles of prescription pills.
– look in the mirror and smile. Better still, smile at people. Even if you’re just brushing past them in the supermarket
– patience is a virtue
– learn to say sorry
– allow yourself time to be sad and time to grieve. Holding everything in causes a mental breakdown at age 18, 20, 21, 22, 22 and a 1/2, 23……
– quit your job when you feel it’s right. Procrastinating gets you nowhere.
– deep breathes

– don’t watch season 3 of Masterchef. Dani will give you the *****
– don’t curse the sky when it rains. For some reason you’ll be rained on every time you step out the door over the next few weeks
– don’t text and drive. Or play with your iPad when you drive
– tell the other half you love him when you feel it’s right. Procrastinating only ends up with a blubbery gargle of random words
– don’t impulse shop – what are you going to do with the hot pink vest in your wardrobe when you realize you only really wear black?
– wear heels as early on as possible so that you can wear heels to your bosses wedding without dying.
– manicures are important. Or at least, take something to strengthen your nails.
– whatever you do, no matter how cheap it is, don’t fly Tiger”

What advice would you give to your younger self?

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