Stripes and flares

Chic and casual – such a great combination!

10 things every woman must own

Via InStyle

How many do you own?

red flats

Black blazer – tick, in fact, blazers

Leopard print scarf – it’s no Stephen Sprouse, but I do own a really bad Sportsgirl ripoff which I never wear.

Red flats – I don’t have a pair of red flats…I have many pairs of flats though, maybe it’s time to get a red pair like the ones above. Nice studs.

Striped shirt – I think I have one of these reserved for the I’m feeling skinny days because we all know how evil horizontal stripes are.

Statement necklace – I’m not a big fan of neck-wear. Contrary to popular belief, statement necklaces are not for everyone.

Little black dress – I have lots of these, don’t think they exactly qualify for the term ‘little’ though.

Black opaque tights – Thanks to Canberra winters, I own about 20 pairs of these.

Oversize watch – Nope, but I can steal that from my boy. You know they do look amazing on? Who would’ve thought.

Classic trench – I have two in fact. One beige and one black. And an ugly pistachio green one from Dotti. Oh Dotti, the good old days.

Flared jeans – I thought we left those behind in the 60’s…but apparently they are making a come back. I have a pair, very very faded, and they no longer fit.

Sono, Portside Wharf, Brissie

Sono has been operating in Brisbane for years and years. It was one of the first few Japanese restaurants in the city, and then there was Sono Portside Wharf, Hamilton. I have always wanted to try the food there, which is supposed to be extremely good.

We were in Brisbane recently. Due to the lack of private transport, I decided to catch public transport to Portside Wharf from my parents’ house. Public transport is fantastic in Brisbane – we caught a bus to the city and then took the Citycat from South Bank. Citycat is like a supercharged ferry, but it still took us 40 minutes from the city to Hamilton (it probably takes 15 minutes by car if the traffic is good).

But all the travel was well worth it. Sono is decorated beautifully, in simple Japanese setting, spacious and elegant. We were seated next to the window (I knew this already, as I was told this when I made a booking). The seating area is a level down from the table, which means you had to take off your shoes and climb into your seat. I must, at this point, marvel at the amazing bathroom. You enter the bathroom by pressing a button on the wall, and the dark tinted glass automatically slides back, revealing doors to the bathrooms. How cool is that!

Our beautifully set table:

For starters, we ordered a large plate of assorted sashimi, which consisted of different cuts of salmon, king fish, tuna, and scallops. I really enjoyed the sashimi, because I could actually taste the difference between the different cuts, and we polished off 24 pieces of raw fish in no time.

For mains, we shared Sono’s signature dish of South Queensland Kobe Cuisine wagyu steak, medium rare, in a garlic soy jus, served with butter sautéed seasonal vegetables. The steak was perfectly charred on the outside, but the inside was cooked absolutely spot on to medium rare. The meat did not taste fatty or sinewy, top grade beef!

I chose the black cod saikyo yaki – grilled NZ black cod, which, according to the menu, was pre-marinated with a traditional saikyo miso sauce for at least 2 days. The fish had a semi-crispy skin, which was tantalisingly sticky with marinade. It was cooked just right, and a very substantial serving. Simply orgasmic.

Well, we loved Sono, and would definitely go back. Everything was perfect, down to the quick and polite service.

A shot of Brisbane city on our way back home:

Buyer feedback: 100%

When Cleopatra dissolved one of her pearl earrings in a glass of vinegar and proceeded to drink the mixture in front of Mark Antony, she created a paradigm to the phrase ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

Some two thousand years later, although it was no precious pearl earring, Pierre Omidyar sold a broken laser pointer online to a guy that collected broken laser pointers. And so it became the eBay avant la lettre, and as they say, the rest is history.

Hello, my name is Shirley, and I am an eBay addict.

It all started with a harmless pair of shoes, those sparling pretty things,  exactly my size, for a fraction of the retail. I blame the trick photography and the seller’s gift with words.

Then it was an amazing Alannah Hill sequined silk skirt, a limited release many seasons ago, impossible to find in the shops, and would have costed more than $400 in retail. It was a bargain for $150.

Another pair of earrings and some Seinfeld DVDs later, I was hooked.

But hang on, if you are waiting to hear a sob story of how a girl had filled up her house with useless things from eBay and spent all her money on redundant things, then you’d be disappointed, because, I was, what I would call, a discerning buyer.

I never bought those so-claimed designer labels on eBay, as it is just so easy to sell counterfeits online. I always bid the highest price I was willing to pay, and never once regretted the price I paid. I would never buy an item if the postage was exorbitantly high, that’s an indication of an amateur seller or someone who is trying to rip people off. And, of course, the seller’s feedback is also important. Proof that I’m not reckless? A quick check of my eBay feedback counts only 108 buying transactions since March 2002. That’s not so bad is it?

Hmmmm I really need a pair of dangling pearl earrings…

Mmmmm summer!

Gypsy05 maxi, will be perfect for summer!