The dreaded word

I don’t usually fret over packing for a holiday, and this one is still weeks away. But I’ve been troubling over the exact pieces of clothes I’m going to pack for this five-week trip in Europe. Three reasons. It’s not exactly a glamorous European sojourn,  take, for example, the 12k walk along the Cinque Terre coastline, trekking around the Scottish highlands and hiking in Iceland. Then there’s the weather issue, it’s going to be between 10 to low 20’s throughout the trip, and I hate packing for unpredictable fall weather, juggling between t-shirts and warm sweaters. Also, there are going to be occasions to dress up for, like going to a 3-Michelin star restaurant, and, hello Paris, anyone?

So what to do?

It seems to me that the most logical thing to do (and because I’m obsessed about being absolutely organised for any trips) is to start packing now. This means I can take things out, put others in and think about anything I’ll need to buy to perfect this set of clothes.

My goal is to fit all my clothes into this smallish packing cell.  This not only leaves room for me to buy more stuff in Europe 😉 but also helps when I have to lug my baggage across seven countries.

Anyway, off I go to another ‘packing’ session 😉


One Response to The dreaded word

  1. bmittens says:

    Hello. I like your post. I also have trouble with packing. Maybe we can pack together one day and exchange tips!

    Could you please make me a coffee?


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