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Stripes and flares

Chic and casual – such a great combination!

10 things every woman must own

Via InStyle

How many do you own?

red flats

Black blazer – tick, in fact, blazers

Leopard print scarf – it’s no Stephen Sprouse, but I do own a really bad Sportsgirl ripoff which I never wear.

Red flats – I don’t have a pair of red flats…I have many pairs of flats though, maybe it’s time to get a red pair like the ones above. Nice studs.

Striped shirt – I think I have one of these reserved for the I’m feeling skinny days because we all know how evil horizontal stripes are.

Statement necklace – I’m not a big fan of neck-wear. Contrary to popular belief, statement necklaces are not for everyone.

Little black dress – I have lots of these, don’t think they exactly qualify for the term ‘little’ though.

Black opaque tights – Thanks to Canberra winters, I own about 20 pairs of these.

Oversize watch – Nope, but I can steal that from my boy. You know they do look amazing on? Who would’ve thought.

Classic trench – I have two in fact. One beige and one black. And an ugly pistachio green one from Dotti. Oh Dotti, the good old days.

Flared jeans – I thought we left those behind in the 60’s…but apparently they are making a come back. I have a pair, very very faded, and they no longer fit.

Three of my favourite things

These are three of my favourite facial products that I discovered a couple of months ago at the Dubai airport.  I promptly hopped online and bought more (in case Kiehl’s decides to discontinue their production).

The first one is the Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser – it boasts the ability to minimise pores. I never trusted a product that boasts the ability to minimise pores. But I was so wrong. This is miracle in a tube.

The next one is the Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic. It does a brilliant job getting rid of shine. Nobody wants shine on their face and that’s that.

Finally, the Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 is top of the class. Moisturizes without being oily and has a sunscreen. The smell is not offensive either, a very mellow whiff of vanilla.