Ossiano, Atlantis the Palm

There are no doubts about it, Ossiano was simply stunning.

Ossiano is set in the opulent Atlantis The Palm Hotel in Dubai. It boasts a three Michelin star chef but I think the place itself deserves three Michelin stars! Like many grandiose restaurants, a spiral staircase leads into the dining area. Unlike the other restaurants, an entire wall of Ossiano is devoted to a giant fish tank, with hundreds of fish, reef sharks and rays swimming by as you have your meal.


We chose the chef’s special menu of the day – a multi-course and incredibly filling meal. My favourites were the scallop with risotto and the braised beef cheek, and the dessert (an apricot concoction) was probably the best dessert I’ve ever had. Even the petit fours were cleverly done. So thank you Ben for this special treat!



1st course: perfectly cooked octopus
2nd course: yellow fin tuna with white radish in consomme
3rd course: giant scallop on green risotto
4th course: super tender beef cheeks with artichoke hearts
The pre-dessert: sorbet (can’t remember what flavour)
Dessert: delicious apricot themed-dessert with lots of different textures. It was so big that I couldn’t finish it.
Petit fours: not to be out-done by the dessert, those were some super clever petit fours. There was a chocolate lollipop that had ice water inside it! Amazing.

The hotel itself was also stunning. This is the foyer: