Truffle oil + honey

A while back, we went to this great little wine bar / restaurant in Brisbane called Anise. The dinner was spectacular, accompanied by great French wine. But it was the cheeses that really blew me away. The beautiful brie came with truffle-infused honey. I asked the waiter where the honey came from, and was told that I could buy it in this gourmet food shop in Brisbane.

We didn’t get to visit the shop. I also completely forgot that I have some truffle oil at home, and of course, honey.

So I came up with this ‘ingenious’ idea of mixing a few drops of truffle oil with honey, and serving it with Tasmanian double brie. Clever huh 😉

It worked really well – honey and truffle oil were made for each other. Yeah I know it’s cheap synthetic truffle oil and probably contains billions of chemicals but it tasted great!


Around 7am, Petra, Jordan.





I love everything about this kitchen. The black and white colour coordination, the dark wooden floors and most of all, the addition of an aluminium trolley. Somewhere between industrial and cozy.



Hotpot galore

We had hotpot last night. The four of us finished nearly everything on the table, which is thankfully expandable. The. Best. Hotpot. I think I ate too much though. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling queasy. Thankfully that passed and I woke up feeling fine. Hotpot amateur. Haha.


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