Banana and apple bread

Adapted from Substitute apple (preferably stewed beforehand) for the¬†desiccated coconut and raspberries. I got lazy and used apple from a jar (specifically, SPC’s apple with rhubarb, cinnamon and vanilla infused syrup). Super quick and easy, and tasty!

The importance of frugality

We began exploring the virtues of frugality yesterday. Today, the journey continues with….STICKY DATE PUDDING!

This has to be the easiest dessert to make, ever. It also has to be the most delicious and humble dessert, ever. Drizzle some [pour on heaps] butterscotch sauce, pop it in the microwave for 15 seconds and away you go. Soft, tender and warm, look at it swimming in the velvety sauce!

It may be cheap to make, but the sticky date pudding definitely does not skimp on the taste.

Sticky date pudding, take 1

Sticky date pudding, take 2