10 things every woman must own

Via InStyle

How many do you own?

red flats

Black blazer – tick, in fact, blazers

Leopard print scarf – it’s no Stephen Sprouse, but I do own a really bad Sportsgirl ripoff which I never wear.

Red flats – I don’t have a pair of red flats…I have many pairs of flats though, maybe it’s time to get a red pair like the ones above. Nice studs.

Striped shirt – I think I have one of these reserved for the I’m feeling skinny days because we all know how evil horizontal stripes are.

Statement necklace – I’m not a big fan of neck-wear. Contrary to popular belief, statement necklaces are not for everyone.

Little black dress – I have lots of these, don’t think they exactly qualify for the term ‘little’ though.

Black opaque tights – Thanks to Canberra winters, I own about 20 pairs of these.

Oversize watch – Nope, but I can steal that from my boy. You know they do look amazing on? Who would’ve thought.

Classic trench – I have two in fact. One beige and one black. And an ugly pistachio green one from Dotti. Oh Dotti, the good old days.

Flared jeans – I thought we left those behind in the 60’s…but apparently they are making a come back. I have a pair, very very faded, and they no longer fit.


3 Responses to 10 things every woman must own

  1. sil says:

    I’m still trying to find the perfect blazer and trench…i own about 10 imperfect ones 😛
    I’d love to own a fitted vertical-striped shirt, a classic.
    What about a great handbag and black pants, they don’t make the list? 🙂
    Love this post.

    • cinnamobus says:

      Agree about the handbag and black pants bit! But I think they should be plural…handbags and pairs of black pants 😉

  2. Mary Couvaras says:

    hmm over-sized watch… you lucky you can wear Ben’s… Jon’s fall off my wrist 😦

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