The parting

He grumbled something inaudible and set off in the other direction without another word. Even with his wonderfully sculpted back turned, she could feel his piercing gaze continue to torment her with contempt. After almost four years of pure bliss and rough patches, after all they have been through, her decision tonight was swift and callous.

She sighed and remembered the countless evenings when they travelled to faraway places; she would lie peacefully in his embrace and forget all the worries in the world. Minutes ticked by, though time would seem to stop in their own little world. She wished she could stop the clock now. One final attempt at explanation and a final farewell. If only he understood that he was irreplaceable, because there is nothing like a first true love.

Was this the right decision, letting go? He always treated her well, better than what she offered in return. Maybe he would find someone better, someone who would love him just like how she loved him.

She almost called out after him, but he already disappeared into the night, his taillights shining fiercely in the dark. She obligingly moved away, and couldn’t help but smile at the sight of the new blue Rexy. Absolutely no regrets!


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