Being frugal

Nothing is certain but death and taxes. Add to that, bills. Lots of bills at the same time (funny how all good things come at once). Desperate times call for desperate measures, it’s time for some penny-pinching and belt-tightening. This is all for the greater good, so that I can heedlessly spend up on lavish shopping trips in Dubai and keep my savings at a respectable level for future contingencies.

So how does one embark on frugal living? Well, one can easily start with some thrifty dinner ideas such as a simple yet delicious pumpkin soup. We topped it off with some bacon and egg sandwich – not exactly the most frugal thing, but everything were already in the fridge/pantry.

It also helps when the boy eats everything and anything you make. Bless him and bless my (soon-to-have) Chanel.

Cooking the pumpkin soup



One Response to Being frugal

  1. Bing says:

    Shirley you are so hilarious

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