I love the idea of tapa, sharing little morsels of delicious and delicately crafted food around the table is my idea of a great meal. Movida was featured on Masterchef and we were eager to try it out.

It took me a while to figure out which one is the right Movida. There are four of them to be exact, but the original tapa bar is at 1 Hosier Lane. The place was buzzing with people – well it was full to be exact. I’ll get to the point – the food was mind-blowing but the service was slow and luke-warm. But back to the food:

This is their special of the day – oyster with a potato foam and a sour dipping sauce (can’t remember exactly what it was). The oysters were plump and juicy and the accompaniments fabulous.

The famous Bomba featured on Masterchef. One word, yum.

The costilla con sorbrasada – roasted lamb cutlet encased in a pork and paprika pate. I couldn’t really taste the pork and the lamb was a little under seasoned and over-cooked. A little disappointed. But the paprika taste was there and I love paprika 😉

The viera – baked scallop with jamon and potato foam. Movida must have a chef that specialises in seafood. This one was also outstanding.

The anchoa – anchovy on crouton with smoked tomato sorbet. The anchovy didn’t taste too fishy. I could eat a dozen of this!

This was another one of their specials of the day – some sort of meat (lamb perhaps?) encased in squid with squid ink sauce. It looked a little weird sitting on the plate, but tasted good. Had to be careful with the squid ink though, it stains.

On to the desserts – this is tarta – sheep milk cheese cake with lemon sorbet. Yummiest cheesecake ever and a healthier kind too 🙂

Golden, crispy churros with drinking chocolate. The chocolate was not too sweet, just the way I like it. It was divine and I could easily have had another serving.


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