Quay and Sir Ian McKellen – pt 1

“Hi, I’m calling from Quay, someone just cancelled their reservation for tonight, would you like to come in?”

“Sorry, where are you calling from? Pier? In Melbourne or Sydney?”

“Quay, in Sydney.”

“Ohhhh…let me just check…”

I didn’t hear it properly the first time. Then it slowly sank in. I must have made a reservation at Quay a couple of months ago, and was put onto the waiting list. I hate waiting lists, so I just gave up on the idea and arranged something else for dinner this weekend. But now that they had a cancellation, it’s too good an opportunity to miss.

I eagerly accept. It’d be a perfect finish to a perfect day as we’d be in Sydney watching Waiting for Godot, starring Sir Ian McKellen. How great is that? Just like seeing Magneto and Gandalf on the same day.

The matinée was great. It’s a pretty ordinary story-line if you are not into the whole existentialism thing, in fact, it is famous for ‘nothing happens twice’. But Sir Ian McKellen was brilliant as the eccentric and forgetful Estragon  and his ever-so-frequent mockery  of the other characters made an unforgettable performance.

The performers were collecting donations at the end of the show for this actors’ charity in NSW. After we drop some notes into his hat, I quickly run back to the theatre and grab a photo with Sir Ian McKellen. Out of sheer stupidity, I forgot to set my camera on flash 😦 😦 he could’ve been any old homeless man from the streets.

Anyway, disappointment aside, I did get to converse with him. Well, it was technically “Would you mind if I take a picture with you?” and a “Yes, go on” from him 🙂


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