A walk in the garden

It’s winter (zero degree in the morning anyone?) and obviously not a good time for plants.  Thanks to our efforts and good intentions (read: easy maintenance plants), I think the garden is doing okay.  Although compared to the tropical Queensland, where everything grows all year, this is a bit of a let down.

See for yourself.

Lemon tree. Finally some lemons after more than a year.

Himalayan bamboo. It's supposed to withstand the cold. Doing good so far. Note the little chilli plant in the corner.

Japanese maple. Lost all its leaves last week.

Little rosemary plant.

Aleo vera. Going strong. But not as strong as my parents' in Queensland, where they seem to sprout and grow overnight like mushrooms.

Spring onion! You know you are Asian when you have a bunch of these in your garden.

Some dead and dying cacti. How do I keep them alive in Winter??!


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