My Sangria

I love Sangria. I keep telling myself that it’s healthier than most cocktails, and definitely alcopops. We buy red wine but somehow never manage to finish the whole bottle before it’s not so ‘fresh’ anymore. So Sangria is the perfect option for leftover red wine.

My version of Sangria

1 apple
1 valencia orange
1 lemon or lime
2 parts red wine (but please don’t use any of the sweet stuff)
1 part soda water
1 part orange juice
sugar to taste

Dice apple and slice orange, put the fruits in a tall jug. Squeeze the lemon or lime and pore juice into a jug.  Add wine, soda water and orange juice. Sprinkle in sugar (I prefer vanilla sugar but any sugar will do). Or if you want to ensure that the sugar melts properly, melt the sugar first with warm water and cool before you put the syrup into the jug. Add ice or just leave the jug to chill inside the fridge. It tastes great the day after.


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