The first bite

I have never seen anyone eat that much pizza in one sitting.

Eight, or maybe nine slices – thick and thin bases, meat and vegetable toppings, tomato and BBQ sauces. Devoured in minutes. Gooey, cheesy, meaty goodness.

I glanced at Dad and satisfactorily wiped my mouth.

Was that a lot? I’ve eaten our $6.95 worth haven’t I?

They will probably get rid off the all-you-can-eat deal for people like you!

At 10, this was the first time I’ve ever had pizza.

Years later, Pizza Hut really stopped the fantastic deal, but not before they raised the price several folds. I never had a $6.95 pizza buffet ever again.

I never had such awesome pizzas ever again. Not Domino’s pizzas, frozen pizzas, restaurant pizzas or even homemade pizzas.

Not since that first bite!


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