Cairns trip

We took my brother to Cairns for three days around Christmas (don’t ask me why, but we didn’t regret it!). After enduring the hustle and bustle of SE Asia and a month of the post-holiday blues, Cairns was exactly what we needed for a relaxing time in the sun.

We arrived at Cairns on boxing day, and hired a car to tour Port Douglas and Mosman Gauge. Whilst the highlight for me (and probably my brother too) was the scenic drive and great weather, Ben much preferred his hot Audi A3 Club Sport Quattro, which was, unfortunately, rendered quite powerless on the single lane highway.

I was looking forward to go on a 4km walk at the Daintree National Park, but much of the area was closed for construction (this wasn’t on the QLD government website). We had to make do with a 300m loop next to the car park. Port Douglas was close by, so we stopped there for lunch and a bit of retail therapy for me.

The drive back to Cairns was relatively relaxing, and we managed to check into our amazing hotel before 5pm. The hotel room was huge, and the bathroom even more impressive. Allow me to rave – there was a separate shower and spa bath, and the shower had two different types of shower heads. The bathroom also had a double sink. The sliding doors in front of the spa bath opens into the bedroom. There was a separate toilet, with its own sink! To pass time, we spent countless hours in the hotel’s pool which was never crowded.

We booked a trip to Green Island the next day. Green Island is around 40 minutes from Cairns by ferry, it’s simply a touristy island national park, with a resort and beaches. We spent copious amounts of our time snorkling (seriously fun, lots of fish to see), but I was generally unimpressed with the island, especially the overly touristy atmosphere. To illustrate, we got our lunch from the little cafeteria on the island, and after 20 minutes of impatient waiting, we had to hassel the cashier. We were told that the cook dropped the order and had not yet made it! We missed out on the crocodile feeding show that was highly anticipated, but was compensated for our meals (a simple burger and very bland deep fried seafood baskets came to a whopping $50 for the three of us).

Cairns itself was beautiful, by the way! Although quite touristy, it is a well-set out city. Look at the Esplanade and the public pool!

How can you not relax in this beautiful setting?


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  1. Wow, that is the public pool? :O That looks like it belongs to a resort! 😀

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