A day out at Mogo Zoo

Visiting the zoo is not my favourite thing to do, perhaps attributed to the traumatic zoo-experiences I have had when I was a little kid. I was once blessed with warm and gooey avian poop walking under a tree at the zoo. You can tell the situation, which happened twenty years ago,  left a disastrous imprint in my memory because I can still remember that I was drinking a Fanta and eating some dried pork meatballs (a wonderful Chinese snack that you can only get in China). Then there was the incident of me falling into a lily pond at the zoo. For some bizarre reason, I thought that I could jump across the lily pond that didn’t seem too wide when older kids crossed it, only to discover that it was indeed too wide for me.

So going to Mogo Zoo was clearly not my idea, I was full of skepticism, only alleviated by the fact that it is famous for its exotic species. But it turned out that it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, complete with deer feeding and sighting of unusual animal behaviour.

IMG_1767the real zoo animals

IMG_1753 Red panda slumped on the tree branch, sticking out his tongue.


‘You looking at me?’ says the meerkat.


The little (sorry forgot your name) monkey was obsessed with cucumber, and cucumber only.


haha sucker, there’s no lolly down here …

… only a big fat stinky fart for you!


The cute little otters that stuck together no matter what, and wouldn’t go into the water!

The day wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the beach and some awesome feeds (for us, that is) – clicky here.


2 Responses to A day out at Mogo Zoo

  1. Mittens says:

    I look like a douche!

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