Lasagne and the bechamel sauce

I’m by no means an expert in making lasagne, in fact, dishes of lasagne turn out differently every time they come out of my oven. Sometimes, the pasta will be a bit dry and hard, other times, the lasagne has too much liquid and flops to one side on the plate. But to me, somehow, the hardest thing to get right is not the mince, the pasta or the cheese, it’s the seemingly inconspicuous bechamel sauce.

The ‘perfect’ bechamel sauce (makes about 3.5 cups):

80g butter
1/3 cup plain flour
3.5 cups milk
2 tbsp parmesan cheese (I just used those that came in a shaker)

Heat butter in a saucepan until the butter melts. Add the flour in gradually, and stir using a wooden spoon to combine. Take the mixture off the heat, and add in the milk gradually, stir to combine. Stir in the cheese. Viola. You have bechamel sauce. I like my bechamel a little runny, but thick, sort of like the consistency of pouring custard.

So what’s my favourite lasagne? The kind that has dry-ish mince, soft but supple pasta, and thick, but runny bechamel sauce. Oh, and of course, lots of cheese on the top : )



One Response to Lasagne and the bechamel sauce

  1. silvia says:

    Yummmmm….winter comfort food…..

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