Monday misery

I am thinking about ramen after reading this. The more I think about it, the angrier I get.

Canberra is tragically deprived of good Japanese food, especially ramen. Sure, there are lots of bad Japanese food, such as Sizzling Bento in Kingston with its pseudo ramen in a less than palatable broth, Mee’s Sushi in Manuka which shamelessly adopts two-minute noodles as ramen and charges an inexcusable amount for it, and Wagamama in Civic that serves fast Japanese food made by English apprentices rather than the authentic fare. To think that Wagamama is as good as it gets in Canberra…

Japanese ramen has Chinese origins. The word ramen in Chinese is pronounced ‘la mien’, which translates into hand-pulled noodles. It’s not as big in China as it is in Japan, but I do remember eating curry beef la mien inside street stalls in Shanghai when I was little. The noodle was sold by weight (the measurement was ‘liang’ = 50 grams), and would come in a rich curry beef broth with lots of coriander. The beef was thinly sliced and goes amazingly well with the herb in the curried broth. This is probably very different to Japanese ramen versions.

Talking about ramen is making me hungry. I think I will go eat last night’s dinner now. As for ramen, I will have to wait until Sydney.

**ETA**: We went to Wagamama last night for ramen (because we just couldn’t hold it out any longer). It was terrible. I had a chilli chicken ramen which came really fast but the quantity was measly. Ben had a Wagamama ramen which came nearly 20 minutes after mine and was just as bad. The quantity and quality were so lacking, in fact we went to Nando’s afterwards for a second meal.


3 Responses to Monday misery

  1. Ben says:

    I like your style

  2. Li says:

    Are you saying you and Ben have not frequented Iori in Civic?!?!?! Wagamama is absolutely NOT as good Japanese as it gets in Canberra. Iori is. Although Iori only makes udon, not ramen. Now that I read your first paragraph properly, I understand you are talking more about ramen than just Japanese food in general… Sorry about the over-reacting.

    If you have not been to Iori though, I suggest you get yourself there stat. It’s a Japanese restaurant that can compete with good Japanese restaurants in any of the other big cities in Australia 🙂 Because of Iori, I don’t think Canberra is deprived of good Japanese food at all. In fact, I have heard people travelling here from Sydney especially to eat at Iori. (Around the corner is also Tasuke, which makes really interesting and delicious Japanese ‘snack’ type food, although they sometimes take too long to cook)

    By the way, I love your website! I procrastinated onto it, and I’m glad I have. You write beautifully.

  3. cinnamobus says:

    I love Iori! We’ve been there many times. Though at usually $50 a head, I think of it more as ‘up market’ Japanese. You are right, they don’t sell ramen : (

    Thanks for your kind words, and I’m really glad you like it : )

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