What we learned from Masterchef

Tonight was the finale of MasterChef Australia. Having followed it from start to finish with virtually every single episode, here is a list of what Ben and I learned from MasterChef Australia (and a few pointers for those who want to be Australia’s second Master Chef).

  • A dish is not ‘pedestrian’ if the judges have never heard of it.
  • Food hygiene is obviously not an issue when you are cooking for top chefs and food critics.
  • If you are going to cook cat, you should cook the whole cat. Carcass and all.
  • Lots of tears is the essential ingredient, so are huge jaw splitting smiles.
  • It also helps if you are a mum with three boys, and a massively tall husband.
  • Every dish in the taste test will have olive oil, salt, stock and bay leaf.

Now some sensible observations:

  • Dessert is a favourite on the show, especially Adrianno Zumbo’s funky creations. Be sure to visit his Balmain cafe / patisserie.
  • You have a winning dish if you get either of these two right: flavour and texture.
  • Show the judges how far you have come in the competition, by making a montage of what you were taught for the finals.
  • Know what goes well with what, you are sure to have a winner there.
  • Cook different types of meats and seafood, so you know how each ‘behaves’ when cooked.
  • Practice your knife skills, you don’t want to look like a klutz on national television.
  • Devise at least 3 signature dishes, preferably your very own creations.

And finally…

  • Everyone needs a Global Synergy Knife block. Trust me, you do. I salivate everytime I see one.

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