Getting crafty

I came across some gorgeous Japanese fabrics at the Kingston markets on the weekend. Without knowing what on earth I would do with them, I just had to have them. So I looked to for inspiration. Etsy sells everything handmade, and there was bound to be a little sewing project for me.

Speaking of sewing, my experience is limited to sewing the missing button or patching tiny splits in my clothes. Never before had I even attempted sewing something big.

So I saw these very cute passport covers on Etsy, and decided to make my own. Completely from scratch. No sewing machine.

So these were the results of two nights of hard labour – a little Ipod Nano pouch and a passport cover. Nothing like the passport cover on Etsy. They are a bit rough around the edges, but they do the job and I love the prints!

The ingredients? Two sets of Japanese fabric, paper scissors, some paper for templates, needle and threads, button, elastics, makeup remover pads as padding, and my old name plate at work as a ruler (because for some reason, there is no ruler at home).


One Response to Getting crafty

  1. Ben says:

    that's some fine stitching there …

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