From Suffolk, England with love

There was an ad in the Sydney Morning Herald (published on 4 July 2009) which read:

“I live in a small rural village in Suffolk, England. Our church has a number of war graves. One belongs to a Flight Sergeant David K. Lloyd, number 402798, of the RAAF. He died April 12, 1942, aged 22. I believe he was born in Adamstown, NSW, in 1919. If any readers think they might be related to him, I would be happy to send them photographs. I make sure there are fresh flowers on the grave regularly. I don’t like the idea of him being so far from home with no one to look after him. Contact Sally Higgins…”

I could picture the scene: a church in the small village in Suffolk, and a graveyard where soldiers as well as commoners rest. Tucked away in the corner of the cemetery, is the humble gravestone of Flight Sergeant David K. Lloyd. It’s not big and flashy like the others, and there are hardly any visitors who stop by on his birthdays or anniversaries to pay their respects. David K. Lloyd has no family in England, he is an Australian soldier. But a kind lady visits the grave every Sunday morning, and puts a bunch of yellow daffodils on Sgt Lloyd’s grave.

I thought it was very touching, so I wrote an email to the kind lady:

“Dear Sally

I am writing in relation to your ad in the Sydney Morning Herald (published on 4 July 2009), regarding Flight Sergeant David K. Lloyd.

I am not related to Sgt. Lloyd, but I was extremely moved by your ad and your kind gesture towards a complete stranger. After doing some searches on the Australian War Memorial (AWM) website, I found out that Sgt. David K. Lloyd’s name is indeed located on the Roll of Honour, which is carved on the walls of the AWM. If you would like to see for yourself, the link is:

I wish you all the best, and I am certain that Sgt. Lloyd’s family will be very grateful.”

And this was the lovely reply I received:

“Hello Shirley,

Many thanks for your e-mail. I have been overwhelmed by the number of people wanting to help. It is so kind.

One of the replies I have received was from a close family friend, who has put me in touch with Flight Sergeant Lloyds sister. I am now able to send her photographs of her brothers grave and the churchyard where he rests.

Once again, many thanks.”


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