Thai Pothong

294 King Street
Newtown, Sydney

I was meeting Camille at Newtown for dinner on Tuesday night, and I had my mind set on Thai. When Camille suggested Thai Pothong, I was a bit skeptical at first, as it was unusually spacious and decadently decorated – somewhat out of place amongst the rest of the haunts in Newtown.

Camille and the decadent backdrop
Statutes that were on sale

Stepping inside, we were immediately greeted by the friendly waiter, and the rich, almost majestic deco. The menu wasn’t an extensive one, but we still took our time in settling on an entree and two mains. We finally decided on papaya salad, massaman lamb and barramundi with chilli and basil.


The papaya salad was fresh, crisp, and gutsy. Distinct flavours of fish sauce, peanut, shrimp and coriander were topped off with the hotness of birdseye chilli. A very satisfying entree that definitely stimulated our appetite!

The lamb and fish came out together, and we were served rice by the waiter eventhough the rice bowl was left for us. I am a big fan of massaman lamb, and have tasted various versions of this creamy coconut concoction full of wonderful spices. This one was by far the best massaman curry I have ever had – it had the right amount of creaminess which wasn’t over powering. We had spoonfuls of the sauce again and again. Too good.

Massaman lamb – was delish!
The barramundi was good, but not great. What I thought would be a whole fish came out in broken pieces of fish fillet. The fish was obviously deep fried, then cooked again with chilli, basil and sweet soy sauce. A bit disappointing given that it was one of the chef’s recommendations.


We were both so full after such a satisfying meal. And the bill? Well, let’s just say that it was much less than what I would have paid in any ordinary restaurant in Canberra. Sigh, I love Sydney.


4 Responses to Thai Pothong

  1. Ben says:

    Oh what restaurant reviews will you bring us tomorrow ..

  2. cinnamobus says:

    I don't know…

  3. Stardust says:

    I’m from Brisbane and everytime I’m in Sydney, my bf & I will visit Thai Pothong without fail. They have the best service and I have to say, the best Thai food I’ve every had. They have a dish which is a whole fish deep fried and served with coconut milk and some other things that is heavenly. A must try! And they home made ice cream for dessert is delicious too, esp the coconut one.

    • cinnamobus says:

      I must try that fish! I just came back from Bangkok, and I must say that the food there is not that different from what Thai Pothong does. Thai Pothong totally changed my view of Thai food.

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