bills Surry Hills

Crown St
Surry Hills, Sydney

I’m in Sydney for work, so decided to pop down the road to bills for some of his world-famous scrambled eggs. This was my inspiration.

It was a beautiful morning in Sydney, and I worked up an appetite walking up the hill to bills on Crown Street. Although it was only 7:40 in the morning, the restaurant was already filled with customers busy sipping coffee. I divert my eyes away from the corner of the room, where a young couple were all over each other. Not something I wanted to see in the morning. But I digress.

The waiter brought me menus, and asked if I knew what I wanted. Hell yeah. After some quick internet research last night, I knew exactly what I was going to have. “A scrambled eggs on toast and a small sunrise drink thanks”!

The sunrise drink (a mixture of orange juice, banana, yogurt and berries) was quite ordinary at $5, and in desperate need of a dash of sugar. The organic scrambled eggs on organic sourdough toast was extraordinary ($12.80). The eggs were just the right amount of fluffiness and creaminess. A slice of butter wedged between the two pieces of sourdough that were toasted to perfection. Nothing like some organic creamy goodness.

I was charged $18.50 for the meal, and if you do the maths, the meal should have came to $17.80 according to the online menu. I was in a hurry, so didn’t even look at the bill, I wonder if they put up the price?

In any event, I would definitely recommend a trip to bills for the awesome eggs 🙂


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