1. I’ve come to realise that my last kiss… was much too hasty, lovers’ kisses are meant to be savored. 2. I am listening to… the sound of the CPU and the humdrum of daily suburbia. 3. I talk… to the hairdresser like we were old friends, but I’ve only met him twice. 4. I love… your Chelsea shirt. 5. My best friend…organised a party for me because I was coming back to Brisbane and is supposedly making my favouraite dish : ) 6. My first real kiss…is a haze, not because it was so memorable that I was falling head over heels, but because I really cannot remember. 7. Love is…something that is neither sweet nor bitter nor bitter sweet. 8. Marriage is…a little far away. 9. Somewhere, someone is …having more sleep than I did today. 10. I’ll always…remember and cherish the happiest moments together; and every ounce of your smiles. 11. The last time I really cried was because…I thought I had no choice, but do I? 12. My cell phone…is an artefact before the days of Blackberry’s and iPhones, a splurge of $100 from eBay. 13. When I wake up in the morning...I always snuggle up to you before I take a shower. 14. Before I go to bed…I wonder if I will dream tonight. 15. Right now I am thinking about…you. 16. Babies are…overrated, but apparently attractive to adults due to the forces of life. 17. I get on Facebook…to keep up with my friends in Brisbane. 18. Today I…am making spicy chicken with peanuts. 19. Tomorrow I will be…more like me. 20. I really want to be…HAPPY, or is it happier?


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