The Lagoon Restaurant

The Lagoon Seafood Restaurant Stuart Park, North Wollongong

It was our first time having dinner in Wollongong. What’s more appropriate than dining at a seafood restaurant, especially since that living in Canberra deprives us of good and fresh seafood? So we headed to the Lagoon Seafood Restaurant, which boasts to be the best seafood restaurant in Wollongong. It took us a while to find this restaurant – it’s tucked away at the end of Stuart Park, near a …. you guessed it, lagoon. The restaurant is situated at the edge of the sea, with half a dozen torches lit for light.

The dining area was huge. It’s not what I had expected – a small cozy setting for couples. It’s rather a large hall best suited for family/friends dining. The open plan kitchen adds to the RSL-club feel (Ben’s words).

We ordered some oysters for starters. We had them al-natural. They were indeed very fresh, but too creamy tasting for my liking. Then for mains, we had the john dory with scampi, and the barramundi with BBQ king prawns. Both dishes came out looking exactly the same, and in a heavy cream sauce – which I did not like much at all. The fish were cooked very well, however, and seasoned quite nicely with salt and lemon (not the usual bland fish that some restaurants serve).

A nice place for dinner, but probably not a date 🙂


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